A scalable, portable, wireless electronic signalling system that can be customised for use in a wide variety of sports or events

Mímirbox Mímirbox is a feature rich, multi-functional, programmable, full colour ultra-bright LED panel that displays images, text or video. Mímirbox was designed by a karter for karters. It is the only electronic signaling system that aims to fully meet the unique needs of kart tracks. The system is readily adaptable to other events where individuals or crowds can be informed with small compact portable wireless displays.

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Top​ ​10​ ​Features

1. With Mímirbox there is no need to find unwilling volunteers to stand out on the track in all weathers to wave flags.

2. The latest high quality ultra-bright LED displays provide clear and consistent full colour signals to drivers for improved race control and track safety.

3. Secure log-in and communications prevent unauthorised activation of safety flags.

4. Comprehensive user log provide a detailed and unbiased record for judicial evidence.

5. Display images or videos of company logos to attract sponsors.

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Top​ ​10​ ​Features

6. The built-in multifunction configuration options allow the same displays to adopt a variety of roles including flag points, start lights, lap counters, clocks.

7. Geo locational functionality defines the role of each display. Simply placing a Mímirbox display in pre-defined location is enough for a Mímirbox to know what needs to be displayed.

8. The durable enclosure provides a range of permanent or temporary installation options. Easy to mount. Easy to recover. Easy to store.

9. Powered by a built-in high capacity rechargeable battery or optionally from the mains. Self contained, portable and wireless, ready for use everywhere.

10. Mímirbox comes pre-loaded with electronic flags for kart tracks and is easy to customize for other applications.

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The​ ​Legend that is...

Mímir (pronounced 'MEE-mer') was an exceptionally wise counsellor of the gods of Norse mythology. He was renowned for his vast knowledge and prophetic wisdom. Mímir was killed and beheaded by the Vanir during the Aesir-Vanir War. The severed head was found by the god Odin who embalmed it with special herbs and chanted magical songs over it to preserve it. He consulted the head in times of need, and it continued to be a source of knowledge and advice.
In many ways the ancient desire for a portable source of wisdom and knowledge has materialised with modern technology. The latest technology has been applied to enable the creation of Mímirbox, a wireless and portable system that people will look to for information and direction based on the wisdom and advice of the users. Like the ancient god, the application of Mímirbox is limited only by the imagination.

Now, Discover the story behind the creator of the Mímirbox.

Darren Conway

Darren Conway the creator of Mímirbox spent his childhood in Dannevirke (translation Danes Work), a small provincial farming town in New Zealand where he learned of the ancient stories of Norse mythology. Darren moved away from the small town and earned a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering degree followed by Master of Engineering and Master of Business Studies degrees. Darren used this advanced knowledge to manage high value leading technology projects. Darren also races go-karts and recognised the need to create an easy to use signalling system to replace traditional and outdated fabric flags on sticks. Mímirbox was designed from the outset to be used wherever there is a need for a high quality, portable, wireless system to send and display information and messages. Many new and original ideas are incorporated into the design and multiple patents are pending. The origin of Mímirbox is a combination of ancient desires translated in time to meet modern needs with the latest technology.


Darren Conway ​- Owner